Cats And Their World

How about getting to know our cute cats, who can sleep comfortably almost anywhere... sometimes on a soft couch, sometimes in the shade of a tree?

We have compiled information about cats that make you smile;

For example, they can’t climb down from a high place when their faces are looking the ground but they can climb down backwards. Which explains us why they can be stranded usually at the top of a tree. But when they try to land, they can also fall on their four feet.

It's one of those rare animals that rotates its ears 180 degrees. While people use 6  muscles to hear, our lovely friends use 32 muscles.  Of course, thanks to these characteristics, we can guess how good a hunter they are in nature. We know that they can play for hours with objects that fall to the ground, swing or move, and that amuses us a lot, whereas they just reveal their hunting abilities. Isn't it amazing?

We know they're pretty fast animals, especially in dangerous situations, they swell their tails, and they start running around the house before we know what's going on. At the end of the day, they get tired and fall asleep in the head corner of the house.

Speaking of the head corner of the house, we couldn't have mentioned Moly and Loli, the naughty and sweet cats of our office. Loli and Moly also work hard in the packages we have carefully prepared for you. While we prepare your package, they are waiting for the opportunity to play with the rope. Our office with them is always cheerful and fun...

We, the Macaw Store family, love cats. If you are a cat lover like us, you will love our favorite cat content products that we have chosen for you.

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