Designs That Touch Hearts

One of the first and most important factors that attracts us when buying a product is its design. Then comfortable use, fabric or leather content of the product, print quality and compatibility with our combinations are important elements that encourage us to buy.

Did you wonder how designs are done?

It all starts with dreaming first. Then auxiliary ideas are produced and the design begins. A designer can be inspired by almost anything when making his design. These can sometimes be popular movies, comic books, or cartoons that were watched in childhood, and sometimes loved animals, flowers, cities, or shapes. Just as there is no end to dreaming, there is no end to design. Always remember to visit us for our updated designs 

At Macaw store, we have brought together unique designs for you. Your favorite characters meet you in this week's blog post with their gorgeous prints.

Let's explore 100% Vegan Printed shoes and bags at Macaw store together.


Who doesn't love Frida Kahlo with her memorable life story and surrealist paintings that give us goosebumps? I Paint Flowers DOGO women's Mid Calf Boot is now with you at the Macaw store.

Now you'll love the very handy handbags with the Great edition of Mix N Match DOGO Stationery Pouch Bag at the Macaw store.

The little prince, with its unforgettable stories, is one of the most loved and read stories in the world. How about dreaming together? Life in Squares Le Petit Prince DOGO women's flat shoes plus Macaw at the store. 

''Look, up in the sky, it is a bird, it is a  a plane, it is a Superman. " you remember that catchphrase, right? Superman's comics have been read for generations. His story inspired many films. Super Polygon DOGO women's Shoulder Bag is available in Macaw store with very useful feature and high quality printing.          

How about a comfortable shoe while touring your favorite cities? Then you'll love Amsterdam vibes DOGO women's sneakers 

Discover Vintage flowers DOGO women's Flat Shoes, designed with floral patterns that match Soft colors. Capture elegance almost anywhere

Check out the most beautiful designs of flamingos, one of the most beautiful migratory birds in the world. Be a Flamingo DOGO women's Sandal is waiting for you at the Macaw store with its comfortable use and high-quality vegan content.                        

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