Happiness is… Warm Feet!

December 4 is National Sock Day, a day to celebrate rare socks that have managed to stay together, or mourn socks that have lost the only other one!

Whether it's socks with sockets, booties or even socks with holes, this is the day to love all our socks!

Whether we realize it or not, socks are a must for all of us. Sometimes they warm our feet and legs, sometimes they talk about our style, and sometimes they are the best gift option with their cuteness.

Office, school, or home. An indispensable part of our clothing, it would not be wrong if we attach so much meaning to socks! Especially in these winter months, they are always with us to protect us from the cold.

Socks actually teach us a life lesson as well. “If you pay attention to something, they will always stay with you”

Let's put on our socks on this special day and enjoy with our hot coffee!


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