Happy Easter

Easter, known as the greatest holiday of Christianity, is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus after his death. Sunday following the full moon, which occurs after the vernal equinox, is designated as ”Easter Sunday".  Former Friday is called “Holy Friday”. This holiday period begins with Holy Friday and continues until Monday.

Egg painting at Easter is done very widely. The colorful painted eggs are stored by the parents and the children are looking for these eggs thinking that the easter bunny made them.

Easter buns are made. Easter, which is a very fun holiday, is celebrated with joy all over the world.

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Happy Easter!

Flying Carrots Dogo Women's Flat Shoes

Flying Carrots Dogo Women's Vegan Handmade Flat Shoes

Notebook Dogo Women's Mid Calf Boot

Notebook DOGO Women's Vegan Handmade Mid Calf Boot

Positive Thoughts Dogo Women's Backpack

Positive Thoughts DOGO Women's Vegan Handmade Backpack

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Be Brave, Little Rabbit Women's Vegan Handmade Ballet Flats Shoes

Wall Of Emotions Dogo Women's Flat Shoes

Wall Of Emotions DOGO Women's Vegan Handmade Flat Shoes

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Carnation DOGO Vegan Handmade Women's Slipper

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Up And Up DOGO Women's Vegan Handmade Shoulder Bag

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Geo Stars DOGO Women's Vegan Handmade Flat Shoes

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