Happy Mother's Day

The deepest, most special of love is undoubtedly maternal love. The second Sunday of May every year is when this special day is celebrated. May is already the month of renewal, the month when spring literally comes.

First of all, let's see how this special day turned out. The celebration of Mother's Day began in the USA in 1905 with a woman named Anna Jarvis, who lost her mother. Anna, after her mother died, felt that she could not show enough attention while she was living and felt crushed under this burden of emotion. 3 years after her death  she proposed the idea of celebrating Mother's Day. Then this idea met with great interest and was adopted by the senate in 1914. That's how Mother's Day turned out.

Can we fit this love into a single day? Of course, no. Half of the world's population is female, but women gave birth to the other half. We cannot limit our love for our dear mothers who gave birth to us and raised us to the small meanings of words, but if it is Mother's day, then let's spend the day in the most productive and special way. Happy Mother's Day!

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