International Women's Day

International Women's Day, celebrated annually on March 8, is a special day on which women's rights are defended all over the world and equality is celebrated. It draws attention to gender equality and women's rights issues.  Clara Zetkin proposed that 8 March 1857 be commemorated as International Women's Day in memory of the women workers who died in the textile factory fire of 8 March, and her proposal was accepted. On March 8, celebrations are held all over the world. In fact, the important thing is to make women feel that every day is precious, not just one day.

We, as women, are very strong.We don't need wings to fly, because we don't need to fly. The sky looks very beautiful from here too. As long as we continue to believe, we will certainly have a place to reach, whether we walk or run.

Happy Women’s Day to all our women who are trying to stand in life and write their own destiny!

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