Happy New Year Blog

New year, new hopes, new chances, same dreams, fresh starts.

Every new year is a chance to set ourselves new goals and create opportunities. The past 365 days have been quite dynamic and fun for us. We are continuing our journey with an increasing momentum every day with our products that we have shaped with our designs in accordance with your demands. It makes us very happy to say hello to a new year with you again with our brands that have just joined us. We know that this is just the beginning. 2022 will be full of innovations.

As the Macaw family, we wish you a year in which we love every living thing and can live in peace.

Thanks so much for being here with us!


If you want to check out last year's bestsellers;


 Meow Meow Women's Sneakers;Meow Meow Women Cat Design Sneakers

I Love You So Women's Backpack;
I Love You So Dogo Woman Backpack
It Wasn't Me Women's Mid Calf Boot;
It wasn't me DOGO Women's Mid Calf Boot
Deepness Dogo Women's HandBag;
Deepness DOGO Women's Handbag
Vintage Flowers Dogo Flat Shoes;
Vintage Flowers DOGO Vegan Women's Flat Shoes
Pop Art Beach Towel;
Pop Art Beach Towel

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