Memorable Cartoons


One of the best memories of our childhood is undoubtedly the beautiful and funny cartoons. A cartoon is an amazing universe that develops our imagination. It is impossible to forget the cartoons that took us to completely different world in our childhood, made us laugh and entertained, no matter how many years passed. Even some mornings we'd wake up early just not to miss those cartoons.  As soon as our favorite ones came out, we would be locked in front of the TV.

Let's face it, no matter how old we get, we still watch them from time to time.

We immortalize cartoons that will always be special in our lives with our designs.

If you would like to check out our collection of vegan shoes with cartoon patterns and nostalgic bag models;


Imaginary School Dogo Women's Sneakers

Imaginary School DOGO Women's Vegan Sneakers

Dream Team Dogo Stationery Pouch Bag

Dream Team DOGO Stationery Pouch Bag

Super Polygon DOGO Women's Shoulder Bag

Super Polygon DOGO Women's Shoulder Bag

The Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter Dogo Women's Backpack

The Sorcerer's Stone Harry Potter DOGO Women's Backpack

Mix N Match Dogo Stationery Pouch Bag

Mix N Match DOGO Stationery Pouch Bag

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