National First Love Day

No one can forget the first feelings she experienced.That first thrill, and that feeling you won't forget for the rest of your life. It feels like you are in a pink dream. Today is September 18th! We are celebrating the National First Love day! We can also call it the day of the first butterflies flying in the stomach or the day of the first spark.

This day first celebrated in the USA. It is not known by whom and in what way it was appeared, but the only one known is that someone wanted to remember her first love every year. Although it harbors bad memories for some, some are still lucky enough to spend today with their first love!

I don't know what your first love felt like, but our first loves are shoes and bags! We design our vegan and handmade products with great love for you. Let's celebrate today together.

Happy National First Love Day!

Vintage Flowers DOGO Women's Flat ShoesVintage Flowers DOGO Women's Flat Shoes

Victorian DOGO Women's Flat ShoesVictorian DOGO Women's Flat Shoes vegan and handmade

Smell Of Love DOGO Women's Box Clutch PursesSmell Of Love DOGO Women's Box Clutch Purses Vegan And Handmade

So Cute DOGO Women's Sneakers

Never Lose Hope DOGO Women's Backpack

Cat&Bird Ankle Socks



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