Today is October 4, World Animal Protection Day. It is a special day that aims to raise awareness in order to protect millions of species of animals, each of which has its own unique way of life, that we live together, breathe the same air and feel the same emotions.

It is a social movement launched to improve the living standards of animals around the world and raise awareness of people. The purpose of this special day is to raise awareness and remind people about the rights to life and to ensure that all animals in the world live in a better and safer place.

As the Macaw family, we do our best to protect and take care of animals. And we will continue to do it. We think that we have shown the value we give to animals with our products designed for our animal-loving friends.

If you want to take a look at our vegan shoes, bags, boots, heels, sneakers with different animal patterned designs for this special day, our little friends will be waiting for you in the continuation of the article…

Unicorns Touch DOGO Women's Clutch

Meow Meow Dogo Women's Oxford Shoes

It wasn't me DOGO Women's Mid Calf Boot

Panda Team Dogo Women's High Heel Shoes

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