Sleeping Koalas

We are here with something that will warm your heart. Our lovely friends, koalas, are the guest of Macaw Store's blog this week. We know we missed hugging our loved ones so much. That's why we wanted to tell you about koalas that love to hug you. Let's get to know them closely.

Koalas are a tree-dwelling marsupial, just like kangaroos, native to Australia. Because they are herbivores and have a strong digestive system, they usually feed on eucalyptus leaves. The fact that the word koala in the Aboriginal language means "no drink" is known as one of the reasons why they got this name. Because they do not drink any water, they meet their body's fluid needs by absorbing the juice of eucalyptus leaves. In hot weather, they hug tree branches to cool off and sleep, which is actually the answer to why we want to hug them. Koalas have a 35-day pregnancy and then give birth to their young. Baby koalas can easily find their way due to their strong ability to touch and smell. These sleepy creatures, which can live for 10-15 years, can swim very well when they want.

However, due to negative factors such as natural disasters, urbanization and drought, they are in danger of extinction, like many living species.

As the Macaw Store family, we love koalas and every living thing, big and small, that lives in the world. You can also help protect natural life by choosing vegan products. Take a look at the wonderfully printed products of our sleepy friends, the koalas, that we have prepared for you. 

Koala Hug DOGO Women's Mid Calf Boot 

Koala Hug DOGO Women's Shoulder Bag

Koala Hug DOGO Women's Sneakers



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