Story Of The Flamingos

Who doesn't want to say hello to the Sun that rises every morning, flying in the endless sky. One of the greatest dreams of mankind... is to open their arms and float in the vast blue... the numerous living species that live on earth can fly. Birds, bees, the colorful butterflies we chased when we were children and more…                                                                                                               

We wanted to take you on a colorful journey as we started a good week. The flamingos are the guests of the Macaw Store this week; let's follow them together in their story.                                                                               

Flamingos are usually 1-2 meters long, their plumage can vary in shades of pink, orange, red and white depending on the regions in which they live. It has long legs and webbed feet. They usually feed on animals such as crabs, shrimp, artemia, as well as algae and ant larvae. Thanks to their beaks, which are tilted downwards and thick, but also have a fairly solid structure, they can easily consume their food even in the most difficult conditions.

Flamingos are a species of bird that likes to live in a community, just like humans. Unlike other animals, they choose lagoons, soda and salt lakes as their habitat. These waters are mostly shallow, so they are a comfortable environment for hunting. Nature always renews itself so that living things can survive.

The sun rises, streams flow, trees grow green and bear fruit. Actually, we don't need much to live in peace together. We need to be conscious and maintain our life cycle for future generations by protecting animals and nature. Because, like many animal species, flamingos are in danger of extinction.                                 

As the Macaw Store family, we have brought together the most popular models from our flamingo decked products for our valued readers. You can also contribute to this awareness by choosing vegan products.

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