The Symbol of Wisdom is "Owl"

Owls are eerie, but at the same time cute birds.They usually appear at night. The most basic feature of these mysterious creatures is their amazing ability to see and hear.

They can rotate their heads 300 degrees. They are the animals that see best in the dark. Owls, which are believed to bring bad luck in most cultures, are said to be a mystical bird.There are quite a lot of those who believe that owls bring messages through dreams. For example, American Indians believed that information from spirits summoned during ceremonies would be learned through owls.

The owl is the sacred bird of the Greek Goddess Athena. It is a symbol of wisdom in mythology. In some cultures, it is believed that it is a talisman that protects against ignorance.

Isn't it time to acquit the owls that we thought were sinister ? :)

We have combined cute owls with big eyes with our colorful designs. Our vegan shoes and bags collection will be waiting for you at the end of the article...

Owl Dogo Women's Sneaker

Owl DOGO Women's Vegan Sneakers

Owl Ankle Socks

Owl Ankle Socks

Night Owl Dogo Women's Backpack

Night Owl DOGO Women's Vegan Backpack

Night Owl Dogo Women's Flat Shoes

Night Owl DOGO Women's Vegan Flat Shoes

Owls Family Dogo Women's Handbag

Owls Family DOGO Women's Vegan Handbag

Owls Family Dogo Women's Mid Calf Boot

Owls Family DOGO Women's Vegan Mid Calf Boot

I Never Sleep Dogo Women's Sneaker

I Never Sleep DOGO Women's Vegan Sneakers

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