If you could travel through time, which time would you like to go? To the past or to the future…

This week in Macaw, we're here with a time-travel blog post.

Imagine beaming into the ' 60s. Parties in clubs that last until morning. People in colorful clothes dancing. Imagine accompanying Elvis Presley to his songs at a concert where you passionately listen to his records... couldn't it be great to watch the King of Rock And Roll Live?

Or let's go to another time. Audrey Hepburn's first movie came out. You run to the cinema with your beloved friend, stylishly dressed people around you. The cinema is filled to the brim, and you enjoy watching the movie. It is not only the films that make Audrey Hepburn very popular, but also the fashion style that makes her name in history.

The styles of Film stars and musicians are inspired by the designs the original prints are applied to clothes, bags and shoes. In this way, the glimmers of the past are reflected in today's fashion.

If you want to keep the spirit of ancient times like us alive, take a look at the magnificent products we have chosen for you.

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